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Airpura offers a number of customized solutions for any air quality you may have.

Take a look at some of our success stories.  

the aliso canyon gas leak

Issue: The Aliso Canyon gas leak (also known as the Porter Ranch gas leak) occurred on October 23, 2015. It was widely reported to have been the worst single natural gas leak in U.S. history in terms of its environmental impact. An estimated 97,100 tonnes of methane and 7,300 tonnes of ethane were released into the atmosphere.

Solution: The SoCal company ordered air purifiers for thousands of residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods to decontaminate their indoor air.

Result: The air purifiers removed the methane and benzene in residents’ indoor air relieving their respiratory symptoms and minimized long-term damage to their health from these airborne carcinogens.

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harvard medical school

Issue: Harvard University has a gross anatomy lab for their medical students where formaldehyde is used on the cadavers to preserve their condition. Airborne formaldehyde particles were contaminating the school’s indoor air and they also had issues with mold growing on the cadavers.

Solution: The school purchased UV600s and installed them in all of the gross anatomy labs. to help with the mold and vapors.

Result: After a few days, there was very little to no odor or trace of any chemicals and no fungal growth either.

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florida department of health

Issue: Residents of Santa Rosa County were being overwhelmed with the hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide fumes emanating from a reclaimed garbage dump. City had to find a solution to this problem.

Solution: The Florida Department of Health purchased units of the C600DLX for the nearby residents to abate the putrid odors.

Result: After a few days, the odors were virtually eliminated resulting in happy residents.

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ICELAND - ozone leak at hydroelectrical plant

Issue: Ozone leak causing respiratory issues with employees.

Solution: P614+ were set up in the employees’ workspace area.

Result: The ozone in the indoor air was significantly reduced and the employees’ respiratory issues were alleviated while the ozone leak was fixed.

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