Nous nous préoccupons de l’air

que vous et votre famille respirez.


The History of Airpura

Founded in 2004 in Quebec, Canada, by Helder Pedro, the president of Airpura. Helder identified the need for clean indoor air after seeing how the declining outdoor air quality was affecting the air in our homes and ultimately, the negative impact this was having on people’s health. Since people spend more than 90% of their lives indoors, he realized this was a huge health risk and decided to do something about it. He developed a prototype for an air purifier which was able to filter out all of the allergens, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from the air, leaving only clean air. Since then, the company has developed the 600 series of air purifiers, featuring several models with the innovative and patented filtration system featuring three levels of powerful filtration able to filter out 99.97% of airborne chemicals, microorganisms, smoke, etc., as small as 0.3 microns.  All units are manufactured at the facilities in Laval. Airpura strives to have the smallest environmental footprint possible, while creating an air purifier that delivers unparalleled performance.


After a period of steady growth and brand awareness among consumers, Airpura has made inroads into some of the world’s biggest markets. Airpura now has over 100 distributors around the world including USA, Canada, Korea, and now China. Airpura is also looking to expand its reach with new markets in Europe and Asia..


Airpura remains committed to developing solutions that bring clean indoor air to people around the world with the belief that clean air is a right, not a privilege. We help people live longer and healthier lives by providing them with the best air quality products. 


Pourquoi la qualité de l'air intérieur est-elle si importante?

La qualité de l'air intérieur peut être jusqu'à 5 fois plus polluée que l'air extérieur et peut contenir des germes, des produits chimiques, des allergènes et plus encore.

Avantages de l'air intérieur propre:

  • L'élimination des COVs, des produits chimiques et des odeurs peut empêcher la contamination de votre système respiratoire.
  • Réduit vos chances de contracter le rhume et la grippe.
  • Réduit les problèmes respiratoires tels que l'asthme et les allergies.
  • Peut améliorer le rendement scolaire global des étudiants dans les écoles.
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Notre technologie révolutionnaire est prouvée pour éliminer une large gamme de produits chimiques, des polluants et des odeurs, ne laissant que l'air frais et propre.

  • Animaux
  • Pollen
  • Fumée de tabac
  • Spores de moisissures
  • Poussière
  • Allergènes
  • Les odeurs
  • Produits chimiques
  • Les micro-organismes pathogènes