purificateurs d'air pour les

virus & bactéries

        virus and bacteria removal rate at 99.97%

        Viruses, bacteria, mold, chemicals and particles go through powerful filtration for near complete removal. These UV air purifiers destroys the DNA of microorganisms including the viruses that cause influenza and gastro as well as black mold, effectively neutralizing them. Airpura's 18 lbs of custom blended activated carbon adsorbs chemicals, VOC's gases, and odor. A medical grade True HEPA filter provides powerful  particle reduction of 99.97%of particulate matter as small as 0.3  microns including PM2.5, pollen, dust, dander.

        *Study conducted by Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski, Aerobiological Engineering, LLC, 2015 on behalf of Airpura


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                      meilleure OPTION


                      Libérez votre air intérieur des spores de moisissure et des agents pathogènes/antigènes grâce à l'unité la plus complète de la gamme Airpura.
                      • 18 lbs Charbon activé
                      • Filtre HEPA 97.99% @ 0.3 microns
                      • UV Germicidal Lamp
                      • TitanClean for added chemical abatement

                      OTHER GOOD OPTION


                      Ce purificateur munit d'une lampe germicidale UV détruit les micro-organismes, virus et bactéries responsables de maladies.
                      • 18 lbs Charbon activé
                      • Filtre HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
                      • UV Germicidal Lamp