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Airpura Industries

BUNDLE: Prefilter + 18 Lbs Carbon Filter + HEPA Filter

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Filter's Replacement

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Gutierrez
Best filter for salon

I’ve been using the airpura V600 filter for 4 years now. It clears the air quickly of dust and chemical smell. I couldn’t work without it!

Allison Krajcik
Best Filter for a Pastel Artist Studio

I have been using the Airpura V600 filter with a 30" collection box attached in my studio for the past 3 years and highly recommend it. Many professional art materials taint the air quality of a room and pastels, in particular, create a fine dust that is hazardous to inhale. On top of that, I have asthma so this has become a crucial piece of equipment for me. I have noticed a significant change in how I feel when working in the studio as well as the lack of dust throughout the room. The best part is that it gives me great peace of mind when creating work in pastel and oil.



Prefilter that captures large particulate matter and eliminates them completely from your airstream. Vacuumable from exterior of purifier.

Replace: 1 year with residential usage

Carbon Filter by Airpura Industries

Carbon Filter

This premium blend of activated carbon adsorbs volatile organic compounds and thousands of other harmful chemicals. 3” carbon bed

Replace: 2 years with residential usage

HEPA Filter

Eliminates99.97% of fine particles as small as 0.3 micronssuch as dust, pollen, pet dander and other airborne allergens.

Replace: every 1 year with residential usage.

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