An incredible story from a real-life Airpura customer.

John Hanzo of Howell, Michigan suffered from an auto-immune disease for the past 8 years. The illness rendered him sensitive to nearly everything around him from common household products such as bleach, certain airborne particles, tobacco, mold and more. Life literally became unbearable for John, who began scouring the internet for answers, spending thousands of dollars on every air purifier that existed on the market and expensive HVAC systems but none provided any relief and John's suffering continued. One day, he came across Airpura and after reading about it and doing some additional research on the unique filtration systems, decided that he would take one last chance purchase the Airpura C600DLX. He says the day he turned it on, within minutes, he felt something that was so different from any of their other air purifiers he had bought. His breathing immediately improved. During the next few weeks, his coughing, shortness of breath and dizzy spells were almost gone. John says he was actually able to go back to "living again". "Having the Airpura has literally been life-changing. If my story can help other people, I'd like to shout it out from the mountain."