The legalization of marijuana as well as the growing use of marijuana for both recreational and medical uses have lead to a litany of air quality issues. Whether you are looking to control odors in your own home or you are a marijuana dispensary searching for solutions to protect your inventory, we have the answers to your most common issues.


Most people are familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or cannabinoids which are the chemical compounds in cannabis responsible for the euphoric high. However, there is another group of compounds found in marijuana called terpenes. These essential oils give marijuana their signature tastes and aromas. Terpenes evaporate quickly making them VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This quick evaporation causes their aromas to disperse easily causing that skunky smell. Your best friend in neutralizing terpenes is activated carbon. An air purifier with the maximum amount of carbon that allows for maximum dwell time of the terpenes over the surface area will remove this smell from your premises. 

Your best option: Airpura T600

Best suited for: Homes with marijuana smokers, common areas of apartment/condos


Both tobacco and marijuana secondhand smoke contain the same toxins and carcinogens that are released from the combustion of materials. Marijuana may contain more, depending on the type of plant. Opting to get an air purifier is a wise choice to reduce these toxic chemicals from your airstream. The air purifier requires a powerful oxidizer that will adsorb the toxic chemicals and tars from marijuana smoke.

Your best option: Airpura P600

Best suited for: Preserving health of employees at cannabis dispensaries,  neighbors of marijuana smokers, restaurants and bars


If you grow and dry marijuana stocks, the term  "Bud Rot" is a term to make any grower quake in their boots. This is  a mold that can develop if your conditions are overly humid . This mold can develop while the plant is living, drying or during the curing process. Once this mold begins to grow, it will release additional spores that will infect other buds that are drying. An air purifier utilizing UV light technology will destroy the mold DNA and prevent them from reproducing.

Your best option: Airpura UV600

Best suited for: Cannabis dispensaries and production centres, private marijuana growers

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