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Jack LeFeber
Must have air purifier

We love Airpura and have 2 UV600 units in our home. We had the homes air quality tested before and after obtaining these units, and the results were dramatic.

Sarah Rohrman
Great Product!

We love the Airpura in our office! We've had two UV600 units running daily since the start of the pandemic and they are still working great. The prefilters are easy to change and even come with a helpful cardboard sleeve for slipping the other filters in the middle of the unit. We appreciate the clean air and peace of mind!

Jennifer Chapman

I absolutely LOVE my AirPura UV600!! It has been a true life saver for me! I have a history of toxic mold exposure and experience severe, debilitating multiple chemical sensitivities. In 2021, during the height of the pandemic, I was challenged with moving into a travel trailer full time. I chose an older model trailer as more of the VOCs, formaldehyde and synthetic building materials had already had a chance to off-gas. That said, I still very much reacted to the trailer. The AirPura UV600 has been AMAZING and allows me to breathe and function freely!! I have been running it on low, 24/7, for a year and a half with the UV light on most days. On the rare occasion that it is off, during a power outage or when I’ve been away from home for a few hours, I can absolutely tell the difference and immediately turn it back on.

I live in a rural area with controlled burns in the spring and fall, fireplace smoke in the winter and accumulated wildfire smoke during fire season. This air purifier is an absolute savior!!

This past Saturday I woke early in the morning to a headache, stuffy nose and brain fog due to the neighbor’s toxic dryer sheets along with fireplace smoke. I closed all the cracked windows and turned the AirPura up to medium and the offending chemicals were lowered to a point of non-reaction within 20 minutes.

I literally say out loud regularly, with no one around to hear, “Thank you for this amazing air purifier!”.

I regularly recommend the AirPura UV600 to friends and strangers, and I absolutely would buy it again. Worth every penny!!



Prefilter that captures large particulate matter and eliminates them completely from your airstream. Vacuumable from exterior of purifier.